Living Rich on a Basic Budget-Tulip Wreath Edition

AhhSpring time! The glorious time of year where the birds are chirping, the flowers are in bloom. Speaking of all things beautiful, I can’t wait to show you how I created this beautiful wreath I’ve hung on my door. I wasn’t going to make one, I was going to purchase one off of etsy  but was discouraged after seeing crafters charging in the ball park range of $60.  A bit too much for my wallet of mine.

Needless to say, our neighborhood is all about keeping up with the Jones. I set out to make a beautiful wreath for a reasonable price.



2 40% off coupons: I had two 40% off coupons for being a Michael’s reward’s member. One for myself, and one from my husband (I made him sign-up). Being a reward’s member is pretty snazzy. The store offers no-receipt for exchanges or returns, exclusive offers, MEMBERS-ONLY events, and early alerts for sales.. total bonus right? If you’re not a rewards member you can sign up here Michael’s Rewards

1 18″ Grapevine Wreath by Ashland (Cost: $2.50) from Michael’s. You can purchase it here

20 bunches of your favorite colored tulips (Cost: $1.00 per bunch) from Michael’s.

Total cost:$22.50 with taxes.

Saved Value: $ 37.50


One thing I love about this wreath is the simplicity of putting it all together; a total of 15 minutes! Weave the stem in the wreath in the pattern you desire as shown below. Don’t be afraid to be a bit aggressive. You’ll hear some breaks of the wreath, but I promise it will be okay!


Here is a close up of the wreath, after its all done.


Voilà! I hope you enjoy making your spring time wreath.

p.s. Even better, I didn’t have to wait for shipping!




  1. See this why I love Pinterest. You can find cool ideas for anything on there with instructions on how to make them. DIY is so fun and it really does save a lot of money. And that wreath is beautiful!

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