Welcome to My Blog

Hello My Fellow Readers,

Welcome to my blog; Little Fat Woman. I created this lifestyle and life changing blog for you, my fellow readers. The creation of the blog did not come as an easy task. The creation was inspired thru the struggle of infertility, the raw emotions, and the emotion / physical tasks. The creation of this blog also centers the cost of infertility; and the corners taken to ensure we can afford such extreme measures.

Our Life

My husband and I’s life are in a transitional period. We both reached a point in our marriage where we wanted to expand our little family. However, without the help of modern-day technology, it will be impossible. I invite you to involve yourself with our journey. We’ll blog and vlog every step along the way with hopes to create a less taboo topic surrounding infertility. You’ll see the raw emotions surrounding the topic stemming from my own personal view.blog1.jpg

Tips & Tricks

As most are aware, involving modern-day technology carries a heavy burden on one’s wallet. I’ll show you how to cut some corners to ensure you aren’t entirely missing out on life while saving money. These lifesaving strategies are yours to apply to your own personal life. Therefore, thru out this blog will give money-saving tips and tricks.

Join Me

I invite you to strap on your seat belt and join my growing family on this roller coaster ride.





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