Living Rich on a Basic Budget: Card Edition

Birthday, weddings, anniversaries, babies, and nacho day… there always seems to be an occasion for a card. Living rich on a basic budget doesn’t mean you have to pay upwards of $8 –9 per card. There are easier ways of saving money, with the ability to still have quality cards.


I set out to find card worthy material on a budget, when I stumbled upon Doodlebug Designs’ So Punny Love Card Kit (Found Here).


Making your own cards?! How does that work? Skeptical was a major concern. I didn’t want a card look like a 1st grader made it, I wanted to hold its integrity. As a disclaimer, I am not a crafty person. I have ruined many many projects, after searching high and low I decided to pull my hair back and get crafty.

This card kit comes with 8 cards, some assembly required. The entire kit is shown below…


Materials required


Fine Tip Scissors


Paper Piercer ( I did not use!)

Foam Tape


Doodlebugs’ So Punny Love Card Kit


The first thing I noticed was the directions; clear and precise. I made two cards, The Strawberry & I Love you card



Beginner’s level without looking like a 3rd grader made it. Sophisticated and cute! Looks like you grabbed one of these from a Box store. Impressed to say the least. See what I made? Pretty awesome, right?


This project took about thirty minutes for both cards. Quick, and easy. All the steps easy to follow, and all directions are clear and precise.

The only down side, is if you mess up there is not additional material to make more. However, for the price, and quality I can say proudly, I will be purchasing other kits J

A similar card would cost $8-9 bucks each. This kit comes with 8 cards which equal out to roughly $2.60 ea.

Keeping up with the Jones’ doesn’t have to be costly. Have fun and enjoy life saving budgets to keep living on top. Til’ next time…




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