Journey to Fitness: Welcome to Fitness to the Challenge


Prior to the infamous surgery, I was on the right path to losing weight to become pregnant. I had lost 40 pounds After the surgery, I gained all the weight back because lack of exercise and careless food choices.


Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re right.


I gave myself time to give life the middle finger, the only power I had control over.


Looking back, it was not the healthiest choice. The choice probably done more damage than good. Since then, I struggled to wrangle myself in, until a dear sweet friend of mine started talking about her personal trainer (PT). She said she was tough but loved her.


Losing weight is soo much more than just wearing cute clothes. Health has become an important concept, especially after losing my mom suddenly.


Whatever parenthood path I choose to take I know one thing is important: Health. I want to live for my husband, for my fur babies, and for my future self.


I asked my friend for her PT’s number.


I met with Katie, who is the owner of KR Fitness. She tailors to each client’s personal need. She gives meal plans, and gives exercise plans. Check out her FB site hereKR-Fitness

So far, I’ve been working with her for a week, and she has been kicking my butt. Stay tuned for more information on her and our journey together.


Like anything else, I invite you to my journey of health.






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