Journey to Fitness: Happiness


My shirt shrunk, yet again, that dryer is such a POS. I can’t be that big can I? How is it that I am the size I am? I want to be at a healthy weight. I don’t think I can do this. Can I? One more bite, just one. Ugh, I’m too lazy to exercise today.

What separates me from being on this end to reaching the other end? Eating healthy is so hard. OR does it have to be? Am I a victim for the helplessness learned theory? Do I automatically assume I can’t do things because XYZ? Maybe I won’t do XYZ because I am afraid to leave my comfort zone of pizzas and couch vacations (YES! This is a thing I’ve done).

More importantly, how is it at the age of 30, I’m still making excuses for my eating / exercise habits? Is my emotional baggage too strong of a contender that I easily give in?

I’ve spent countless of hours admiring bodies on Pinterest, Youtube, and the web. Trying to examine every type of exercise, food journal, or diet plans imaginable…


I can never unlock the mysterious secret of weight loss. WHAT THE HECK IS THE SECRET?

All too often Pinterest, Youtube, Success stories or whatever forgets about one important detail…. Cognition. J.U.S.T like T.H.A.T. an article, I read many months ago, circulated in my head. One word… happiness.


Happiness is an emotion, motivation, and cognition. Read the previous sentence again.

In order to become a healthy weight, not only do I need to recognize that happiness is an emotion, motivation, and a cognition. I need to learn how happiness is an emotion, motivation, and cognition.mindfulness

I have been viewing eating healthy and exercising (my whole life) as the plague. NASTY. INTOLLERABLE. DISEASE

I need to turn everything around. I need to realign my strategy because I am losing the battle but not yet the war.

But how?

Cognition, Motivation, & Emotion

Give up. Oh’ yes, stop the fighting. The resistance of a thought is too strong. Essentially, I need to be smarter than my internal dialogue.

Throw in the white towel. No more resisting because that just makes me tired.

Release the continual negative thoughts. Send them on a vacation on a far far away land.

Prefrontal cortex is the “receptionist” portion of the brain. This portion was designed to have power of decision making, & cognitive behavior. Designed to lead decisions. Yes, decisions.When a negative thought seeps into the prefrontal cortex, engage the negativity with a motivational thought.

Allow self to feel natural Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin endorphins with the help of exercise.

Cognitive, Motivation, and Emotion

Happiness is a cognitive, motivation, and emotion. Learning this was an AH HA moment. Going forward in the journey, any negative implications will be dismissed.

The weight loss journey is in a neonate state; I encourage you  to jog along as I tackle food, exercise but more importantly supporting healthy, happiness mental state.





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