STOP. Right. There.

STOP. Right. There. I must forewarn you, there is someone who is deceiving you, and I know who it is. I have every intention to identify the person who has been cheating you since before you developed into an adolescent. I can almost guarantee your list is getting longer by the minute. One quick question. Did you add yourself to the list?

Hyper-Focused on THE Problem

A conscientious fact, I have duped myself too. The application of positive psychology has relinquished “a hyper-focused on the problem & fix it” doctoral student (ME) into we can achieve more significant results by altering and implementing optimal functioning.
I created this blog to demonstrate the implementations of positive psychology & acquiring optimal functioning for weight loss, hence the name Little Fat Woman. I have always had a negative association with food, weight, and exercise. My mom’s favorite meal was the 7-11 meal deal for us kids growing up. For a $1.99 one could get a hotdog, chips, and soda. I had that at least 5 nights a week. To say my expertise in nutrition is anything above a neonate would be a stretch.

Growth and Acceptance

I am a relatively large (no pun intended…or maybe…) person who seeks wisdom, and obtained understanding should be allocated for those who seek knowledge. Therefore, I would like to invite you to my journey. A journey of growth, acceptance, and transformation thru weight loss. The beginning of a new beginning. Throughout the expedition, you’ll be able to witness the physical component and mental change with the tools I’m equipped with. The use of positive psychology will be intertwined with the conversion.  Don’t forget to hit the follow button below…



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